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Sauber undergoes renaming with new branding deal as "Stake F1"

Updated: Jan 3

Sauber Group has announced their new brand deal with for the 2024 and 2025 Formula 1 seasons.

Since 2019 Sauber has been running under the Alfa Romeo name. This partnership was just a branding exercise with Alfa Romeo not providing anything in the line of technical support towards the Swiss operation.

This deal was resigned for another year before the 2023 season but always looked unlikely to continue, as by 2026 the majority of the team will be owned by the Volkswagen group and will be ran as Audi F1 Team. is sports betting and gambling site which has already featured as a sponsor on the 2023 Alfa Romeo, being switched out at times for which is a video streaming site also owned by the same people who own Stake. This was notable at the Belgian Grand Prix when the team ran a special blacked-out Kick livery.

The launch of the teams 2024 challenger, the "C44", will take place in London on the the 5th of February.

This 2 year deal is being talked up as a mega branding exercise from Stake with new and innovative way's of marketing being pushed into Formula 1 by the company.

On the chief marketing officer of Stake Aklin Sarin said:

"The past season has been a testament to the marketing and media value that Stake has brought to the F1 team, especially within the digital landscape. The first phase of this partnership has succeeded in increasing global brand awareness for all stakeholders. At Stake, we are prepared to take the team’s reach, fanbase and visibility to unprecedented levels. Our strategy will be focused on delivering unforgettable experiences that highlight our unwavering commitment and dedication to innovation, entertainment, and global connectivity"

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